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Note: An arrest will not automatically bar you from employment. The Nature, relevance to the job, severity, and date of the offense in the relation to the position for which you are applying are considered. (See 119.071, F.S.)

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Note: The State of Florida hires only U.S. citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers. If a conditional offer of employment is made, you will be required to provide identification and proof of citizenship or authorization to work in U.S.

I am aware that any omissions, falsifications, misstatements, or misrepresentations above may disqualify me for employment consideration and if I'm hired, maybe grounds for termination at a later date. I understand that any information I give maybe investigated as allowed by law. I consent to the release of information about my ability, employment history, and fitness for appointment by employers, schools, law-enforcement agencies, and other individuals and organizations to investigators, personnel staff, and other authorized employees of Florida State government for employment purposes. This consent shall continue to be effective during my employment if I'm hired. I understand that applications submitted for state employment are public records. I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief all the statements contained herein and on any attachments are true, correct, complete and made an good faith.